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    The first step in the body kit development process is to take a standard car and to measure it at high speed in the wind tunnel whilst looking at the amount of down force and drag the car produces at the front and the rear (i.e. the cars aerodynamic balance). The next step is to correct any imbalances and then to increase the level
of overall down force without producing any bad aerodynamic vortexes or excessive drag. After the wind tunnel testing the next and most important stage is to test the car around the Tsukuba circuit with a professional driver and over many laps measure the effect of all the different parts of the aero kit in terms of actual lap times.
 Aero Dynamic JargonA
LF This stands for 'Lift' although in the case of C-West body kits it is generally quoted as negative lift and can be read as Down force.
DF Drag (This is a negative effect) is unavoidable and normally increases in relation with down force. The trick is to produce the down force that you want but do it with the smallest drag co-efficient possible.
SF Side Force or Lateral Acceleration, basically the force acting sideways on the car whilst it changes direction (the faster the car changes direction the higher this figure is).
LFf Front Wheel Lift (+) or Down force (-) that specifically effects the front axle.
LFr Rear Wheel Lift (+) or Down force (-) that specifically effects the rear axle.
    Testing Procedure
All the C-West kits are developed in the wind tunnel and tested at air speeds of 30m/s to 40m/s which would equate to a road speed of approximately 90mph. Illustrated below are 2 tested cars featuring the Honda S2000 AP1 and the Mazda RX-7 FD3S. In addition to wind tunnel testing, all new products are put to test on the circuit to prove track time gains.
S2000 AP1
C-WEST S2000 spec
N1 front bumper side step rear bumper aero bonnet front canard front fender trunk hood door panel side panel GT WING
Engine: Degree of camshaft IN:290 EX:285 (prototype) one off titanium muffler MOTEC etc.
Footwork: TEIN height pitch ADVAN RG ADVAN A048 etc.
S2000 View Result
C-WEST RX-7 FD3S spec
N1 front bumper II side step III rear bumper II aero bonnet front canard air duct GT WING
Engine: 13B side port trust T-78 turbine trust type C west gate
Footwork: TEIN N1 damper ADVAN RG ADVAN A048 etc.
RX-7 View Result
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